Search Engine Optimisation

On page Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is one of the easiest ways to increase your businesses exposure on the web. Increase your Search Engine Position and increase your returns from your website.

Why is SEO SO Important?

So many people offer Search Engine Optimisation services, take your money and do nothing. Simple SEO set up on your site is not difficult, but most web companies will build your website and leave you unfound and lost in the world wide web. Worse still, you find someone, pay them a lot of money and nothing happens……

We have been offering SEO services for over 12 years. Our services to our clients SEO and their SEO setups have meant that they have required very little to be done to their website SEO for years, whilst enjoying high google rankings for meaningful high return search terms. Google’s algorithms have changed dramatically in the past year meaning most websites need an update in this area and if not mobile responsive a new website.

If your website has suddenly dropped from the top of page one or is not even on page 1 at all any more then contact us. Your website will be scanned and checked for On page, off page, domain authority, keywords, speed, mobile usability, and other SEO factors.

Once we have looked at your site, reviewed your back-end source code and run a professional SEO analyser through your site we will contact you and give you some honest feedback. In the meantime, we will send you an SEO report.

On Page SEO not only helps with your organic searches but reduces the cost of your pay per click.

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